TENTUFF™ was introduced in the Indian Market in 2016 by SSA INDIA a subsidiary of Security Solutions Australia.

With the ever-increasing threat of crime and home invasion occurring in our neighborhoods every single day, protecting our family, valuables, and home from unwanted intruders is becoming more and more of a priority than ever before.

The original purpose behind the introduction of TENTUFF™ Security Screens in India, was to provide a new concept in the design of home security which provided comfort and protection to you and your family from unwanted intruders, while still offering the uninterrupted freedom and lifestyle we all expect from our living environment.

Our design is the world leader in home security screen systems and provides the ultimate in strength through its unique construction and one-of-a-kind mechanical fastening system which makes TENTUFF™ the strongest yet most aesthetically pleasing solution for home security screening in the market.

Up until recently India had no choice but to accept bars and grilles as its only solution for window and door intruder protection, but those times have passed, and the innovation of seamless vision security screening has finally arrived in India and is rapidly changing the dynamics of what a security screen looks and performs like on Indian homes.

Constructed from a high tensile woven stainless-steel mesh (Poly TensileⓇ) specifically manufactured for TENTUFF™ and combined with an architecturally finished aluminum frame, this unique design is manufactured to a level of strength that by far exceeds the highly rated and stringent testing procedures expected of a product to pass the worldwide recognised, Australian Standards for security screens.

With its seamless vision appearance, TENTUFF™ allows complete and uninterrupted views from inside your home while offering the ultimate, in home security protection for you, your family, and your valuables.

While TENTUFF™ currently offers a complete range of Security Screen solutions to meet every home or commercial security screen application, our team of design experts are constantly working on new and improved concepts maintaining TENTUFF™ is always offering the worlds most superior protection against intrusion and attack for on you and your family.

Let us stress on your home security, so you don’t have to.

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