As per the NCRB data, the burglary rate per lakh population in Bangalore during the day stands at 1.5% and 9.2% during the night. The number of burglary incidence for the year 2020 in Bangalore was 911 with an overall burglary rate of 10.7% per lakh population. Burglars use different techniques to identify potential targets and plan their break-ins. One such method is through observing and interpreting the silent signals that homeowners unknowingly send out. These signals could include leaving a spare key under a doormat, leaving valuable items in plain sight, or leaving windows or doors unlocked. One of the easiest ways for burglars to enter your home is by using simple indicators such as easily breakable windows, unprotected homes or doors with poor quality locks.

What Makes a Home Easier to Burglarise?

All burglars are always driven by a unanimous motive, but there are few things that make your home an easy victim of their planning. Homes are easier to break into if you leave your home unattended, keeping your doors and windows wide open, backdoor or garage doors unprotected, etc. These are just a few examples but the fact is the lesser the security at your place , the easier it is for someone to break in.

Burglars Look for Signs of Inactivity Before Break-in

Burglars always look for signals to enter your property premises. This may include lights that are switched off for unusual hours, doors that are left unlocked, or letters thrown away in front of your porch. If a burglar sees any of these, they will know there is a good chance that no one is home or you have left your home unattended.

Don’t Make it Too Easy for Burglars to Enter Your Home

Anything that can be done to make it harder for a burglar to get inside your home, is essential. This may include creating a using robust security screen systems, home security solutions, or a security guard.

Protecting your Home from Burglary

One of the most important things to do is to protect your home. This will help prevent a burglar from breaking into your home in the first place. There are a few ways to do this.

  • One is by making sure that your home is locked at all times.
  • Another is by installing a security screen system. A security screen system is expensive, but safety of loved ones is priceless.
  • To increase the safety of your home, you can install smart bulbs that can be connected to a smart home security solution. These devices can be accessed and adjusted from the smart security hub.
  • Stop oversharing your vacation plans with your house helps or other members supporting you in your home care needs.
  • Install security cameras to keep an eye on your property when you are far from your property.
  • Keep your garage door closed and locked.
  • Lock all doors and windows before you leave the house or go to bed.
  • Only book parcels in your presence. Cancel the parcel if it is an unplanned trip, or ask your neighbour to receive it.
  • Avoid push button locks on door knobs, as they are easy for burglars to open. Install the Security Screen System on all your doors and windows.
  • To enhance the security of your home, it’s essential to replace your locks on doors and windows with better secure door and window accessories like the Security Screen System.
  • Don’t announce your vacation plans on social media. Avoid posting your holiday photos on social media until you are back home from your vacation.
  • Sliding glass doors can be easy to shatter, so a security screen door is essential to be safe.
  • Don’t hide spare keys, burglars are aware of the common places such as flower pots, doormats, and bushes. Best to hand over the spare keys to the neighbours.

What To Do If You See Someone Suspicious

  • If you encounter an unfamiliar vehicle in your vicinity, particularly if it’s parked outside a house where a family is away on a trip, please note the license plate number or take a picture. Such details could be helpful to the authorities for investigation if any criminal activity occurs.
  • If you see an intruder break into your neighbourhood after informing the homeowner, immediately call 100. Informing the homeowner will enable them to take the necessary steps to secure their property and belongings.


Burglary is a serious crime. It is essential to know how burglars gain entry into the homes of others. Make sure your home is protected with a security screen system, a lock on the door, and a security plan in place.

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