Lights, diyas, traditional dresses, chandeliers, and firecrackers, fill up the streets of most Indian cities. The energetic and festive vibes are felt as you enter the markets that are usually swarmed by crowds in the late evenings. Festive season ignites the spirit of buying new clothes, electronic items (owing to the grand sale), jewellery, home decor and celebrating personal moments with loved ones. For many, it is Diwali away from home but needless to say, the peers and family ensure you don’t miss the fun by doing countless video calls or tagging you on their stories. The short vacation time or visiting your parents’ place has an unequalled charm during the festivals. Everyone enjoys being together with their loved ones, while burglars love their empty homes Several cities in India have reported a significant rise in the number of burglaries, robberies, and break-ins. The festive season brings an ideal situation for break-ins, and homes without any security measures become their soft target. In multiple instances, the Indian police in cities like
Nashik have conducted drives to increase awareness among the residents to ensure their home safety. Let’s look at the few ways where you can protect your home for all seasons and not just around the festive wave.

Security door and windows

Well, most of the other security measures are merely a deterrent to burglary crimes, but security doors and windows are effective means to stop the entry of robbers into your home. These are an evolution from the standard grills. Moreover, they aren’t technology driven and relives of you the burden of downloading an app or constantly monitoring your home. The security doors and window systems are simple but are built with a robust system of high tensile mesh that promises the highest defence against burglary attacks.

Cameras and Alarms

Increased robbery and high consumer demand during the pandemic have forced home cameras and alarm system manufacturers to constantly innovate and be user-friendly and incorporate safety factors at their fingertips. In India, the home security market grew by 7 per cent in the Q2 period and 116 per cent on a year-on-year basis. The home security solutions are being upgraded by incorporating features such as video and photo capturing, smart motion detection and alert, and mobile connectivity to interact with sensors with the alarm panel.

Security Guards

Well, a guard protecting your house or apartment has been the most convenient security method. Security guards have the power to stop or interrogate someone entering the building premises. Human intervention has many pros and cons but still many of them stick to this owing to the other services that come with the guard, like monitoring the camera system. Guards are usually the first line of defence in case of burglary. Most likely, a burglar wouldn’t attempt a
robbery in case he spots a security guard.

Safety lockers

Cash, jewellery, antiques, or important documents, you know where to keep it all. Safety lockers are the handiest security device to protect our belongings during burglary or fire. With time, the safety lockers have also adapted to be being to gel with the concept of a smart home. Safes can be connected to the internet to send alerts to the owner when attacked. Electronic home security solution frameworks are designed to be user-friendly for homeowners.

Secure all entry points

You might have noticed your parents confirming or asking you to check your windows or balcony doors before heading out. Windows or front doors may not just be the only entry point for robbers. It is always advised to lock and cross-check all the easy-access entry points before you step out of the house. Consciously this is the most practiced method in Indian households. In case of extra protection, you can always attach security screen solutions to all the doors and windows of your home.

So now don’t wait for your house or your neighbors’ home to be burgled, act now and install any of the above systems deemed as per your requirement. In the current scenario, home security solutions have become an inevitable part of our necessities. Invest in the now to save more now and for the future.

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