Are you confused about choosing a security door to buy? Is it steel, aluminium, fibreglass, or any other reliable material? Choosing the right kind of security doors for your home, or any other residential property depends on your geography, type of house, door design, home interiors, and budget. Security doors are an essential part of home security in India, as they provide an additional layer of protection against burglaries and intrusions. In recent times, security doors for homes have become a more reliable source of safety than other home security solutions. Installing security doors may look apprehensive, but this blog lists the factors you need to consider before investing.

  1. Material: Most Indian households have security doors built with steel, aluminium, and composite materials. The material of the security door determines its durability and strength of the door. However, owing to their strength and durability, steel security doors are the preferred choice, but they are heavy and require more maintenance. On the other hand, aluminium security doors feature lightweight and low maintenance, but the grade of aluminium & the right tempering is important. Other security door materials, like fibreglass, offer a balance of strength and low maintenance.
  2. Design: A stunning door design completes your home. With safety doors for homes gaining importance, it is essential that they enhance the aesthetics of your home. Customisable size requirement in household and commercial spaces has opened a new array of opportunities for manufacturers to implement aesthetic-friendly designs. However, the design of the safety door depends on your home interiors and those designs are largely achievable by steel doors, fibreglass, and TENTUFF™ security doors.
  3. Features: There are various features that you should consider while selecting a security door. Some features to consider are locks, deadbolts, and peepholes. Locks and deadbolts provide added security, while peepholes allow you to see who is at the door without opening it. Other features such as shatter-resistant glass, reinforced hinges, and tamper-resistant can enhance the security of your door.
  4. Adoptability: It is important to choose a security door that can be retrofitted to your existing type of opening- Hinged, French or Sliding. Find out if the security doors on offer can be fitted to your existing type of door. TENTUFF™ offers solutions which can be retrofitted to your existing doors.
  5. Budget: Securing you and your loved ones cannot be solely based on monetary aspects, but a budget still needs to be considered before selecting a security door. The cost of a security door depends on the size of the door, the number of security doors, customizable requirements, and additional charges like installation costs. Technological innovations to improve the performance, longevity & quality of material used, will increase the cost of these doors.

By considering these factors, you can select a security door that provides the protection you need and fits your personal requirement and budget. The right kind of security doors can prevent you and your loved ones from any intrusions & burglaries. During vacations or business trips, you don’t have to worry about your priced possessions or loved ones’ safety. Security doors like TENTUFF™ come with a warranty of 10 years and is an ideal investment for your peace of mind.

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